Week Ending 3/27

Week's accomplishments:

Peter Chapman worked on the conversion of the routing, and the output files classes.

Maria Doyle did not complete the conversion of the hillslope class last week since she was sick. This week, she continued to work on the hillslope class and started to work on the basin and the world classes.

Hank Hoffman finished the tec class which now compiles. He also added a new function to the canopy_stratum class and several new accessor functions to every level of the hierarchy. Hank started working on a test plan for the C/C++ conversion and he hopes to have it in document form by the beginning of next week. On the GUI side, Skip and Hank discussed using native methods to invoke the model as opposed to using system calls. They decided that the team does not have enough information to really make an informed decision so they will schedule a client meeting to discuss the possibilities. They also talked about possibly providing some sort of line graph or scatter plot visualization.

Jack Tang added file choosers for the three file options in the GUI. He also changed -ed and -sd's implementation. The -s option is also changed, an input dialog no longer opens up if the option is chosen. He also found a bug in the GUI,one which any underline and the portion after the underline in a file name would be ignored by the GUI, the bug is fixed.

Skip continued to test ways to link the Java GUI with various test C++ applications. He also briefly met with Dr. John Smith to discuss various approaches to linking the two. Skip also worked on writing the window to display the debug output produced by the model.

Team meetings:

Meetings with Client: Summary: