Week Ending 4/10

Week's accomplishments:

Maria Doyle continued to work on the technical manual and the project's documentation.

Jack Tang documented the GUI and a related class with Java Doc. He worked on the GUI part of the technical manual. He started some GUI testing in UNIX, but could not make much progress due to a problem described in the Summary section.

Skip Walker wrote the section of the technical manual titled "GUI/Model communication." (sans diagrams ) He also finished the documentation for all of his code, and ran the JavaDoc tool to create the Java Class descriptions. He also started work on adding a help window to the GUI so that the user can access the user manual while running the GUI.

Hank Hoffmann spent a very large amount of time trying to remove the bugs from our new version of RHESSys. He corrected all the bus errors, seg faults, and assertion failures. There were still many bugs in the output, however. After spending about 15 hours trying to find the cause of these errors, he took the output to the clients to see if they could help him figure out what was going on. Finally, Hank, managed to compile the old version of RHESSys with gcc, allowing him to run the old version in gdb. This way the team can step through both models at the same time to find out where they diverge. Using this technique, Hank was able to fix another major bug in the output. In addition to this, Hank wrote the sections of the user manual titled "Coupling and Cohesion" and "Testing Plan".

Team meetings:

Meetings with Client: