Week Ending 4/17

Week's accomplishments:

Maria Doyle worked on the project's documentation and the final presentation.

Jack added two panes in the GUI for visualization variables and user help. He also wrote a class for visualization variables and modified HydroGUI and CommandObj to incoporate the class as framework for future visualization implementations.

Hank spent a great amount of time debugging the new, object-oriented version of the model. After many hours and many fixes, he has gotten the model to a state where it passes 5 of 7 of the client's tests. The only ones that it does not pass are tests 3 & 4, which are detailed here.

Skip worked on a variety of things. He drew the diagrams needed in the GUI/Model communication section of the implementation manual. He also finished code documentation for the Java classes he wrote. He also wrote the coupling and cohesion section for the Java classes. Additionally, he implemented more of the classes necessary for visualizaiton. These classes include: GraphicOutputEvent, GraphicOutputEventListener, JGraphicWindow, and StdoutTalker. He was successfully able to create a test program, which used the Graphic protocol to display variables in a line graph.

Team meetings:

Meetings with Client: