Client Contract

Client: Guido Gerig


General Description:

The goal of this project is to develop a medical imaging tool that can be used in facilitating the creation of a segmentation of a 3-dimensional data set, which comprises of a set of 2-dimensional image slices). The software will allow for the segmentation of data sets in 2-dimensional image slices. It will also provide a 3-dimensional rendering of the segmented object from which the user can segment sub-regions in 3-dimensional space.

The product should be platform independent and portable for use on all the major architectures used within the Computer Science department that have appropriate supporting libraries (Sun, SGI and Windows).

Contractor and Client Obligations:

The party of David Gregg, Eric Larsen, Arun Neelamkavil, Sanjay Sthapit and William Wynn shall hereafter be collectively referred to as the contractor. The party of Guido Gerig shall hereafter be referred to as the client. The contractor agrees to provide the client with a functional software product that meets the specifications defined below under Primary Requirements. The contractor agrees that the product will be delivered to the client no later than May 8th 1999.

The contractor further agrees that if the Primary Requirements are satisfied before the scheduled delivery date that additional software, as specified under Secondary Requirements, will be developed to be deliverable to the client no later than May 8th 1999.

The contractor further agrees to provide the client with documentation regarding the design and use of all software delivered to the client no later than May 8th 1999.

The client is responsible for ensuring the provision of an adequate amount of and correctly formatted input data sets that are to be used by the product. The client is also responsible for the provision of functions/libraries which implement image processing and meshing algorithms (see Resources below), which may be required for product completion.

Primary Requirements:

Secondary Requirements: Resources:  




Guido Gerig – Client


David Gregg – Contractor


Eric Larsen – Contractor


Arun Neelamkavil – Contractor


Sanjay Sthapit – Contractor


William Wynn – Contractor