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Background: How DICOM Works

This section explains the basics of DICOM and CTN, and how the database interacts with the client software. The process of creating a connection with the server and making a query will be outlined so as to give a good basic idea of how DICOM functions.

DICOM Images

DICOM stores its data in files called 'images'. These images store several hundred fields that can contain pictures or textual information. These files are used to store medical scans such as CTs, MRIs, X-Rays as well as patient information including detailed medical history. They are organized into levels, the highest of which is called a 'study'.

CTN Libraries

CTN is a full implementation of DICOM, providing libraries for all of the forementioned operations. In addition, sample applications are provided with the CTN distribution to provide a DICOM image server and other basic operations.

This is where MIND comes in. The applications provided with CTN are very basic, intended only to give the user an idea of how to create DICOM applications of their own. The client software provided is insufficient for use in a real world application.