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Info on DICOM, CTN and other libraries

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configuring your MIND client
querying a DICOM server with MIND
writing DICOM files to the server

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Setting up your MIND client

Another simple menu for editing various configuration options. The first allows you to specify which DICOM server you want to connect to. The second allows you to add different variables to your search. For example, if the user knows exactly which slice of the study is wanted or otherwise, this menu option will allow you to add others to the 3 default lists. Both of these menu items span other external windows.

This is the server configuration menu. All 5 are text input boxes which will allow the user to change the various variables needed to connect to the DICOM server. Node is the ip address or domain name of the server, port is the port that it is running on. Called AP Title and Calling AP Title are server specific information which are assigned and given out by the system administrator.