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Installation of MIND

The MIND Project has several main pieces. The CTN applications which run as image servers, the miniSQL databases which provide for controlling access as well as storage of images, and the MIND Project itself, or the executable which makes queries and retrieves.


In order to install CTN on your system, merely web on over to the CTN ftp site, download the most recent copy of CTN, either in *.tar.Z or *.zip for depending upon your preference. Uncompress the file, and read the installation instructions contained within.


In order to install miniSQL on your system, merely web over to the miniSQL Web Site and download your copy. Again installation instructions are contained within the archive. In order to download the software you must first register. Registration is free and only takes a few minutes of your time.

The MIND Project

In order to install the MIND Project onto your machine, you must a) be on a Sun Solaris, 2.5.1 or later; or b) be willing to compile and configure the client yourself. If the choice is 'a', then you only need to pick up mind.tar.gz, decompress the file, and run the mind executable from an xterm. If the choice is 'b', the installation is much more difficult. First you must be sure that FLTK and CTN are both installed on your system and that the position of the libraries is in your path. Additionally you must link to the UNIX socket and nsl libraries as well as the X11 Xext, X11 and m libraries, again all these libraries must be in your path. Then you should be able to execute make in the directory containing the makefile and away you go. The end result should be an executable named 'mind.'