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what is MIND
about this manual
Installation of MIND

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Glossary of our product

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Info on DICOM, CTN and other libraries

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Your first MIND session.

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Index of MIND commands

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MIND team Project page

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Outside pages relating to DICOM, CTN and other related pages.

About this Manual

The structure of this manual This manual is topic based. Each topic is grouped togethor under a header. In order to expand each group, click either the arrow or the topic name. To collapse the current group, you can click on the topics name/arrow or you may click on another group of interest. note : only one group may be expanded at one time. This manual does not make use of frames or any other "unstable" web format. We felt that important seeing as this manual will outlive the project.

Groups :
    Introduction - the project description, installation instructions
    Glossary - important terms for MIND, CTN and DICOM
    Background - how our product works
    GUI - MIND's interface, how to use it's features
    Commands - an index of MIND commands
    Help - frequently asked questions
    Related Links - helpful resources on the web for CTN and DICOM

The goal of this manual Since the users of this program will most likely have at least a moderate technology Background, the manual itself contains many technical terms and concepts. We have included a glossary defining terms not only for our product but for CTN and DICOM as well. We have also included a Background section which explains how our product utilizes the CTN libraries and interacts with DICOM protocols. However, we are aware that not all users will have similiar technology Backgrounds; we have structured this manual as to help the technically proficient and those who are not.