Project Description
General project description with introduction and overview

Group Members
The MIND Project contractors, position titles, and tasks, as well as links to homepages and email addresses

The contract to which the MIND Project contractors, clients, and boss have agreed.

Various scheduling aspects of the project. Includes charts, weekly reports, and boss meetings.

The documentation for the MIND Project. This is the same whether in the following online format or if taken in a hard copy form.

Mail the Team
Send mail to the entire group.

Weekly Report - Week Ending 1/30

1/26 - Class canceled, time used as a team meeting
    Finalized our version of the contract. We will meet with Stephen later in the week in order to go over it with him. Brian will set this up as well as email him the URL with the contract on it.
    We have a name! The MIND Project, Mind Is Not Dicom.
    Weekly meeting times unveiled. Thursday's at 9pm and Sunday's at 3pm. In SN Hall unless otherwise noted. Subject to change once various temporary obligations are done with.
1/27 - Contract finalization with Stephen set up
    We shall meet on Thursday at 10am. Only Casey and Jeff will be attending as everyone else has class at that time
1/28 - Meet with Stephen and one of Weekly meetings
      Jeff and Casey meet with Stephen. He thinks we have got the contract right (i.e., all requirements are there as well as the distinction between things of primary importance and secondary importance). We find out we shall not be granted access to Radiology's Magic Store database, but rather will have to set up a DICOM server ourselves. This becomes the number one immediate priority.
      Being the first meeting, several members have forgotten and are quickly summoned. Project logo is developed. Download CTN and begin looking over parts of Documentation. The web page design is finalized into what you now see before you.
1/31 - Second Meeting of Week canceled
    The Producer has a job interview in Virginia on Monday morning and hence shall be unable to attend. Meeting canceled, everyone encouraged to continue looking over CTN, FLTK, and DICOM documentation.
End of week.