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The contract to which the MIND Project contractors, clients, and boss have agreed.

Various scheduling aspects of the project. Includes charts, weekly reports, and boss meetings.

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Weekly Report - Week Ending 2/7

2/1 - Producer in VA
    Producer had interview in VA in the morning, then had to drive back that afternoon. Other members encouraged to bounce ideas off one another (through mailing alias), read up on the CTN documentation, and formulate questions.
2/2 - Meeting to replace missed Sunday one
    Travis had begun work on charts and it is continued here. Work breakdown finalized. Pert Chart almost completed. It shall be completed over the next day or so by Casey and Travis. Gantt Chart will be worked on from this. Gantt to be turned over to Dave so he can do a screen capture and convert to a web viewable image format. Begin thinking of the format for which we want our user manual to take. Brian will take charge of this and present something to the group at our Thursday meeting.
2/3 - No scheduled group meeting
    Travis and Casey finalized the Pert chart. Converted to Gantt and sent to Dave for image format conversion.
2/4 - Scheduled meeting at 9pm
    CTN, the DICOM server we will be using, was set up on orbit, by Jeff. Various utilities were provided with CTN and time was spent trying out the ones that we will be most emulating in our GUI development. Most important are dcm_x_disp, query_client, simple_storage, and assoc_tool. These are the functionalities to be implemented into our GUI. Brian presented a pre-version of the documents for on-line use. Much like a Microsoft Windowsesque thing with the arrows turning down and the like. Various question arose with the first use of the current software in use at the Radiology department as to our feelings about what needed improving, what needed to be added, etc. These shall be posed to Stephen at a meeting with him Monday. It was decided that meetings with the client shall be on an as-needed basis, with either the client or contractors initiating the meeting. Like the server or client can communicate with each other freely once an association is made in the DICOM standard. Individuals asked to read up on the DUL-protocol section of the CTN documentation due to the fact that this contains the low-level mechanics for communicating with the DICOM server.
2/5 -- 2/6 - Nothing going on
    It's the weekend, and we're going to enjoy it. Members are expected to read over the documentation earlier in order to have question which we might compose into a group for the Monday meeting on Sunday night.
2/7 - Scheduled meeting
    Fix up the contract which the boss so kindly tore to shreds :P. Added glossary, clarified some points about what was to be included in the end product. Various individuals learned how to change the LD_LIBRARY_PATH in their .cshrc files (to remain nameless) and source those files to make the changes 'instantaneous'. They then got to see some of the CTN utilities running on their own accounts and interact with it themselves. GUI begun designing. Early models are based to some extent off of the old, but with added functionality. Some text areas to be changed to selection menus, perhaps a configuration file to be read in upon startup of the application. Questions are finalized into a list of those we feel we need the answers to for tomorrow's meeting. Dave should have the screen capture on the gantt chart up and running by tomorrow, latest.
    A fruitful week. People still seem to be on task at most times. Though sometimes the conversation did distort into arguments over the ability of the free software movements to continue to grow as it has (see The Gimp and Linux). Already can see people nodding heads as if they understand what you are saying and yet they are thinking of something different. See the original Gantt chart which only included estimates for a few things. Overall, though I'd consider it successful.
End of week.