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Weekly Report - Week Ending 2/14

2/8 - Meeting with Client
    We met Stephen at 4pm in the Glab. In this meeting we again raised the many questions which had been brought up in the previous week's meetings regarding CTN, DICOM, and FLTK. Stephen gave us answers to the best of his ability and we left with a much better understanding of the project. Also, the project took a turn in this meeting with Stephen stating that he felt the library portion was really secondary to developing an excellent GUI which could be used even by people that weren't all that familiar with the backbone of CTN and DICOM. This arose partly from the fact that shortly before the beginning of the project he had developed a meta-library that interfaced with CTN and provided those individuals in the Radiology department that could program with what they felt was an adequate interface. However, another primary requirement was added and that was to develop a server (CTN and miniSQL based) that when gotten up and running could be transported (i.e., the binaries could be moved over) to the Radiology department. Currently gaining access to the Magic Store database at the hospital is an extremely long and difficult process; the Magic Store database also only keeps the files on hand for approximately one week. This new server and database will allow for Stephen to query files from the Magic Store and place them on his local machine and then "clean" them (remove patient sensitive data). Then other outside users will be able to query this machine and get the data which they need.
2/9 - Class
    After class Jeff gave a quick report on how the setting up and installation of the CTN server with a miniSQL database was coming. Both groups of libraries are installed, it's just a matter of getting the two to communicate now.
2/10 - Nothing Scheduled
    Brian worked some on the User Manual setup. Others continued searching and learning CTN and DICOM. Jeff created a small example of what to do with fluid (a program designed to be used with fltk and design interfaces.
2/11 - Client meeting at 1pm, Scheduled meeting at 7pm
    Client Meeting

    Everyone but Jeff (due to a class at the time) was able to meet Stephen and Liz in order to get the contract signed at 1pm in the Glab. This was our first meeting with Liz directly and so we gave her our impressions of the project as well as answered any questions that she had regarding the direction of the project.

    Scheduled Meeting

    Meeting moved up this week due to the fact that there was no scheduled IM-Rec basketball game for Casey and Travis. Possibility of this or some other becoming the permanent time? This will be discussed on Sunday. Work continues on the user manual and installing and setting up the secondary database server. The database and server process are now communicating and recognizing one another, we now just need to determine how to get the provided applications to communicate correctly with the server. This arises from the making of an association between the application and server. The server is refusing to recognize our applications as valid to associate with. This is most likely due to our passing one of the associate service parameters incorrectly; almost surely the called AP Title parameter. More work to determine what this should be to continue on Sunday. The Intro and Background portion of the user manual is almost complete. To be worked on next is the Tutorial section which will contain screenshots from our mocked up version of the interface, followed by a list of all the features of the MIND interface in the Commands section.

2/12 - Fluid interface
    Each individual is to go over the fluid interface and learn it for themselves. Build a "pre" interface to our program of what exactly they think it should accomplish and the like.
2/13 - Nothing scheduled
    Again, the weekend strikes.
2/14 - Valentine's Day and Scheduled Meeting at 3pm
    The search for the correct called AP Title continues, and surprisingly is unsuccessful. The best lead come up with so far is that of using the configuration script supplied with the CTN libraries, cfg_ctn_tables. We've printed out the documentation on this feature and shall go over it in order to determine exactly what needs to be setup in order for our client-server relationship to be successful. A deadline is set to have this set up and ready by the end of the next-week. A relatively feature-filled version of the GUI was created. This should contain methods for inacting all of the main functions of the finished product, just without the needed callback functions. This meeting was cut a little shorter than others due to the fact that it is a holiday and the luckier(?) members of the group had to get ready for the big holiday.
Summary - Producer's Notes
    I think I can see a little bit of frustration on everyone's part at the trouble we're having just getting this little server and everything within working and communicating as it needs to. Once this is done I expect the project to continue onwards at a much better rate. I also think that it is something really simple, but with the frustration factor we are just missing it. It is therefore perhaps a good thing that we didn't stay any longer looking for it at the end of the week, since I think that would have just contributed to greater frustration. Hopefully getting away from the problem for a little bit will allow someone to have it come into clarity. Overall I think that we got a good bit accomplished this week, considering that part of the project got pulled out from under us and changed. I do think, however, that we are a little behind where I would like us to be on the User Manual though, but have gotten a good deal of the GUI and hence majority of the project design work done. Hopefully, this can be made up tonight and tomorrow.
End of week.