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Weekly Report - Week Ending 2/21

2/15 -
    Work continues on the User Manual at our weekly meeting. The groups specified earlier continue to put together the different parts into some sort of coherent whole. However, some sections are still not totally complete. These sections are those which depend on others; the glossary, for example.
2/16 -
    User manual due.
2/17 -
2/18 - Server is up and Running
    The CTN and miniSQL servers have now been fully installed, are up and running and communicating with each other. Also, the pre-existing library applications have been configured in order that we can ensure this is the case. We can now truly play around with the pre-existing software in order to get a feel for what functionality is already there and should be carried over to the new GUI, what functionality is there and really doesn't need to be, and what functionality needs to be added and/or extended.

    To this end, Travis has been designated as the group member to become the "FLUID ninja," the interface which FLTK provides to develop your GUI in. In the process of becoming this he will also continue development of the GUI in a design only department. Adding ability to use the functionality which we are positive will be there as well as making note of places we may wish to add other things.

    Jeff is going to develop a simple set of routines in order to test the level of Queries we can make to the server. These will allow us to see just how deep we can go into a patient file before having to download the data to a local machine and sort through it.

2/19 -
2/20 - Nothing scheduled
2/21 -
    Travis provides a report and example of the GUI in progress. Group members provides constructive criticism of it. Discussion insues about what functionalities need to be involved and how exactly we want to include them. This involves deciding which items deserve buttons as opposed to menus and the like.
Summary - Producer's Notes
    Getting the server configured and communicating was big. I think that a *lot* (read most everyone) was becoming frustrated with CTN and the poor documentation that it provided on the subject. This also allows us to see just how much documentation it will take for us to be able to describe such an operation to our end-users. After all, CTN provides close to 400 pages worth and yet none of truly encapsulates this one element that we needed.

    Development of the GUI interface is going well. The writing of the various callback functions has yet to begin, but this is due to the fact that the server wasn't up and running until recently. I expect this to begin in earnest after we are able to test out the various capabilities of our CTN server through some test suites.

End of week.

NOTE: This is a late entry due to the Producer becoming entangled in the web that is the Carolina Technology Expo '99. While it was a huge success, this week, and subsequently the next one, free time was almost entirely devoted to the planning and setting up of it. This is the producer's fault alone and not that of any other team member.