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Weekly Report - Week Ending 2/28

2/22 -
2/23 -
    Queries have now been made through our own written code as opposed to the pre-existing capabilities found in CTN. Just how far into the server we can query before having to bring actual full files across is still unknown, but research is currently being done into the database capabilities. From here we must only move forward to adding these queries to our various callback function in the GUI.

    Jeff has developed a Makefile which should aid us in our continued attempts in to the world of DICOM and specifically CTN server based querying. All the proper libraries to link with as well as include paths are already set up just waiting to be used.

2/24 -
2/25 -
    An attempt was made tonight to actually compile a test GUI and run it. It was discovered that it was a little more difficult than we had originially been led to believe by the various documentation found on FLUID and FLTK. Several (apparently) key functions have been left out which tell the program how to display windows and the like.

    Also, setting up the command line for compiling the program is rather time consuming. Casey will set up a Makefile in order to make this more automated.

    Small amounts of work were begun for the possible presentation next Thursday in class. Some elements for the presentation were definitively decided upon while others were still up in the air.

2/26 -
2/27 -
2/28 -
    The Makefile for FLTK and FLUID programs is complete. Group members need merely to follow the examples already listed in order to set up their own compilations.

    More work on the presentation. Content was all but finalized, and work on a PowerPoint slide show was begun. Casey and Brian are in charge of putting the slide show together with the others giving the various input on content and look of it. Other group members will also develop the various pictures and screen captures to be included in the Slide show.

    Further work was put into the understanding of CTN's server capabilities in querying the database and into the learning of FLTK. I think a breakthrough in both department's is emminent.

    The coding of the various callback functions and GUI functionality has been tentatively set up in the following manner. Jeff will head up the image viewing portion of it, while Casey will head up the network and database querying code portion of it. Other group members will fall underneath those. Tentatively Dave with Jeff (they both took 136 the Intro Graphics Course) and Brian and Travis with Casey.

Summary - Producer's Notes
    I think that everyone kind of relaxed a little bit this week. This was definitely needed since we had been working non-stop on getting the various servers installed, configured, and communicating. However, I also think this may cause us to have to work a little harder in the portion of the semester after Spring Break. I think that everyone realizes you lose a week in there, but not just how much you can get done in that week.
End of week.