CTN as a Dependency

CTN provides several facilities that are required by MIND. These facilities are functions and data structures defined in C. This document is not meant to teach the user anything about CTN, but rather to explain where the dependencies lie and what CTN provides for us.


The DCM facility provides operations dealing with DCM_OBJECTs and DCM_ELEMENTs including opening a file as a DCM_OBJECT. class ObjectViewer is a wrapper for this facility. In addition, it is required by class ElementNode.
The SRV facility provides network specific functionality to allow queries to be made, sent and their results retrieved. It is not used directly by MIND at this time due to the use of query_interface (below), but is very important to the functionality of MIND.
The DUL facility provides high level network abstraction, allowing for connections to be made and broken with the server as well as creating and destroying associations. Again, due to the use of query_interface, this facilitiy is used indirectly at this time.


As we were unable to produce working query/retrieve code on time for the completion of this project, we resorted to using these C based routines included in CTN as part of the query_client package. These functions will have to be replaced to provide the intended functionality of the MIND project.