class MINDPrefs

MINDPrefs is used to store program configuration settings. These settings can be saved to and loaded from disk. Settings are stored in public members. This class does not implement any of the functionality implied by these members, they are intended for use in the main application.

See class MINDPrefsUI for GUI configuration of this class.


Creates an instance of MINDPrefs, assuming default values for the settings. This means that all text fields will be null strings, the port will be set to 0, and autoSave will default to on.
MINDPrefs( char* )
Creates an instance of MINDPrefs and fills setting values in based on a configuration file specified as a parameter.
MINDPrefs( MINDPrefs* )
Copy constructor -- performs a deep copy on passed element.
The destructor - frees memory, does nothing with regard to saving data.


public setDefaults()
Reset to default settings as described in MINDPrefs()
public int read( char* )
Read preferences from passed filename. Returns 1 if successful, 0 if not.
public int write( char* )
Write preferences to passed filename. Returns 1 if successful, 0 if not.

Public Members

char server[]
Calling AP title (this program)
char calledAP[]
Called AP title (server)
char callingAP[]
AP title of a storage server such as simple_storage
char storageAP[]
Port number on which the server runs
char port[]
autoSave == 1 -> settings should be saved before destroyed
int autoSave
Nodename of the DICOM server
ElementList* mainElements
List of elements to be used for displaying objects