The MIND Server Architecture

The architecture and interaction between the various servers contained in the MIND Project is relatively complicated. The complete functionality is contained not within 1 or 2 applications, but rather 5 different applications running concurrently and communicating with one another on a machine. The CTN portion of the system contains the server portion that the client can connect to as well as several other applications which provide extra functionality to the client. This CTN server communicates with and uses several miniSQL databases in order to process the client's request.

The Applications

The basic layout is as follows: Please keep in mind that this is but a brief overview, and the actual interactions are much more detailed. They will be explained in further detail by following the above links, or the links from the previous page. Much of the details on the interaction between the servers and databases of the system is taken from CTNs official documentation on the subject which can be found at This requires the Adobe Acrobat plugin for viewing.

Provided in the MIND Project is a simple script that will start all of the servers needed for a single archive system. This is packaged in the file start_servers and requires that the user have root level access to the machine it is being run on.