Simple Storage

Invoking the application:

simple_storage [-a] [-c title] [-d FAC] [-f] [-i] [-j] [-k] [-m maxPDU] [-p] [-s] [-t trips] [-v] [-w] [-x dir] [-z sec] port

-a Abort Association after receiving one image (debugging tool)
-d Place one facility (DCM, DUL, SRV) in verbose mode
-c Set the AE title of this server
-f Fork a new process for each connection
-i Ignore some incorrect parameters in Association request
-j Use thread model. Spawn a new thread for each connection
-k Kill (delete) files immediately after they are received
-m Set the maximum received PDU in the Association RP to maxPDU
-p Dump the Association RQ parameters
-s Silent mode. Don't dump attributes of received images
-t Execute the main loop trips times (debugging tool)
-v Place DUL and SRV facilities in verbose mode
-w Wait flag. Wait for 1 second in callback routines (debugging)
-x Set base directory for image creation. Default is current directory
-z Wait for sec seconds before releasing association
port The TCP/IP port number to use

The simple_storage application controls the moving of DICOM files from a networked database system to a local machine. simple_storage assumes that its application title is DICOM_STORAGE. It will reject requests for associations without that parameter. This can be changed with the -i parameter.

There should be one copy of simple_storage running on a machine which will handled move requests of DICOM files. The final position of the file is configurable through the CTN Control Database.