MIND test plan & design analysis

Build Manual

The user must first have pre-installed CTN and FLTK libraries. Further, the user must provide the paths to these libraries within the Makefile.

The MIND project must currently be built on a Sun Solaris 2.5 or higher machine using the Makefile which we have provided

The output generated when running a make on the MIND project should appear as something like this.

Test Manual

Theses are the steps which need to ne taken to ensure that MIND is a sound project. MIND will be run and tested with all of the available test data. Unfortunately, due to the confidential nature of the data with which we were working, we will only able to test three sample DICOM data files. The MIND project will be tested extenisvely for error with all of this data. All files will be tested in every context for faults which might cause MIND to behave in a manner other than specified.

Code will be written and reviewed in a manner which makes sure that it is a highly scalable project. However, large scale testing of this was not possible and due to the complex nature of the DICOM data objects it was not possible to construct 'random' data for testing.