class IEBrowser

Intended to allow one to browse all the information stored within a DCM_OBJECT this class was never finished, though it's shell can be called from MINDUI. It will be completed with the progression of this project this summer. Most of the code exists to provide this functionality, but has not been put together into a working class.



class Imageviewer

This was going to provide functionality to open images stored within DCM_OBJECTs, including functionality to save the image and scale it. In addition, this could be used to generate thumbnails of images when making queries. It will possibly be continued, but other classes have been deemed more important.

class QueryModule

Perhaps the largest missing piece of our program is it's lack of query code. Due to the large complexity of CTN and the ammount of work that is required in a decent query class, the class was scrapped in favor of using existing code in CTN. This class will be the primary focus of the continued work on this project this summer.