Report for the Week Ending April 25
This has been a busy week for our team. We finished implemenation and the essence of Smart Search is running. There are a few bugs to work out.

We have finshed our Power Point presentation for the final demo and all that remains in terms of demo preparation are polishing the product. We have revised the User Manual. The only major revisions appeared in the maintenance section of the manual. We had problems with CGI interfacing with the database when the database needed altered. Whenever the database needing to be openned with read-only permissions, no problem occurred. However, when the database was openned with write access the database would open, but it would not accept the new changes. Given this problem, we have temporarily built the administration program to be a command line interface suitable for us to develop and manipulate the items in the database. Once everything is working together, we are going to return to the idea of building a web interface for administration and hopefully the CGI problem will be solved.

We are very proud of the task that we have accomplished in the small amount of time we had left following our SQL catastrophe. We have met our contractual primary requirements which we did not predict would occur a month ago.