Report for the Week Ending April 4
Two members of our team traveled to Winston Salem to consult with some gentleman that are SQL certified. After speaking with them, we now know that SQL is too large a beast to tame in the time given. Even had we started this from the absolute beginning we wouldn't be successful at this point, from what we gather. We have made the decision to build this project strictly using Perl and the Perl database. We are obviously going to begin work immediately and make this project our number one priority. We are going to reconvene on Thursday, April 8th immediately following class to revamp our design decisions and work together. We have divided the project into two components, the database development and the query analyzation. Given this structure we have assigned each team member to one of two mini-teams each of which are responsible for one of the two project components.

In the mean time, Leslie is going to restructure the schedule for the time remaining in the semester and each team member is to either review Perl or learn as much as possible before Thursday.

I feel that we can accomplish the goals outlined in the primary requirements of our contract and deliver our product on time. The complexity of this project will be diminished, but the quality will not.

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