Report of Events for the week ending Feb. 28, 1999

Thursday, 2/25
In class, brief boss meetings were held with each team. At this meeting we found out that our directory had been completely erased. We have contacted the necessary people to see what can be retrieved from backup tapes.

In our team meeting, we discussed our technical manual and our midterm presentation. This meeting was incredibly short since the members of our team had many other outside assignments to take care of. Randy was assigned to keep pursuing retrieving our files. Patrick was assigned to learn as much about SQL as possible, since our software arrived today.

Sunday, 2/28
Tonight we revisted our schedule. Although we have been delayed in starting some of our tasks due to the arrival of the SQL software, our completion date goals are still realistic. Even if the completion dates must be extended, we are still not in jeopardy of missing our deadline. Randy and Mike are going to have the initial script finished by 3/15.

No new information has been obtained regarding our directory files. However, we are keeping in mind that it has been the weekend and so no one has been working on the problem probably.

Patrick, Mike and Leslie are going to contact Bill, our client, to meet him to install the software. Bill agreed to allow the server to run on his machine. Our goal is to have the server installed and running before we part for spring break.

Again we spoke about our Technical Manual. We determined the components of our system and delegated responsbility for one or several of those components to each individual in the team. We realize that not every component can be documented at this time, but we are going to complete those sections that can be by 3/9.

The disappearance of our files has really stressed out our team. We are at a standstill in our project until the server is running. Once we return from break, our project is really going to take off, provided the server is running before we leave. I know that we are behind with respect to our start dates, but I feel that in our original schedule we allowed enough time that our task completion dates are not out of reach.
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