Report for the Week Ending May 2
Our project is finally complete. We are very proud of what we have managed to accomplish given all of our set-backs. We spent a great deal of time debugging in order to make our files portable. This was successful. We even moved the files to a non-unc web server to make sure that they would function on any web server.

We revised our Pert and Gantt Charts to resemble the final course our project took. We also compiled the remainder of our technical manual and did a final system test. We met with our client, Bill Mark, for a final time to demonstrate the finished product for him. He seemed very pleased with the flexibilty we were able to give the project, despite the project's early history. We had our final meeting to write the team report and place the files on a disk for installation. We are glad that we had the experiences that we did with this project, because we feel better equipped for real industry situations. However, since the majority of our team members are graduating Seniors, we are also glad that the semester is over!