Summary of Events from 01/07/99 - 01/31/99
1/19 - 1/22:
Jan. 7, 1999 was the first status meeting (lecture) of the semester. In a brief meeting after class, we decided who would take on what role withing the team as well as a name. We immediately contacted our client, Bill Mark and set up a meeting for Jan. 22. Two team members were not able to attend this meeting, where we discussed the client's vision of the project as well as distinguished primary requirements from secondary requirements.
1/25 - 1/29:
We decided on two times for weekly team meetings, Mondays and Thursdays at 5:30pm, the first being held on Jan. 25. At this meeting we briefed the team members who could not attend the client meeting on what was discussed in that meeting and we further discussed the nature of our project. Items discussed were the resources we would need, the risks involved, and the requirements. Following, I developed an initial contract, outlining the requirements, resources, and risks involved. After being reviewed by the team, the contract was submitted to the boss. We also agreed that Mike would be responsible for our website. Our second team meeting was held on Jan. 28, where we began development of our project schedule. Responsibility for each of the charts were given to Leslie for the work breakdown chart, Patrick for the Pert Chart and Randy for the Gantt Chart.
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