TREMBLE technical manual

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1 TREMBLE Introduction

The goal of this project was to create a set of tools that would facilitate the reconstruction and display of lightning bolts extracted form audio files.  All components of the system were built using Java, Html, C++ and OpenGL.  This technical document explains the technical aspects of TREMBLE.  If you do not have a technical background, you should consult the  user manual.

A authorized user can either set up a recording session remotely, or set it up from the console.  At the programmed times, the system will begin recording (the storm).  The TREMBLE acquisition module records (storms) by using three microphones placed on the roof of Sitterson Hall, and the audio information is synchronized via a sound card.  This audio information is then analyzed by the analysis module of TREMBLE.  The output of this module are the endpoints of segments comprising the lightning bolt.  This information is provided to the visualization application, which displays the bolts in a 3D environment.  The terrain of Chapel Hill is also displayed in the visualization application, along with landmarks to establish location.

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author(s): Mave T. Houston, Eric D. Baker
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