TREMBLE technical manual

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2.3 Crossbow: Storm Visualization


The visualization module, Crossbow, renders the data acquired from our thunder analysis as lightning flashes. The visualization module, upon request, also renders the geography of the surrounding area, including elevation, roads, boundaries, and buildings. This module can also display local weather radar information when available. The visualization module facilitates the loading of storm data by opening files created by the Storm Manager (data server) or by opening a connection (using VRPN) to the Storm Manager. An accompanying module, Compass, handles the processing of geographic data, using SDTSLib and DLGV. The preprocessed map data, lightning, and other data is rendered using OpenGL. Finally, Crossbow provides an intuitive and platform-independent graphical user interface (written in FLTK) that allows the user to view a storm and its associated lightning flashes from any point in time or space; a VCR-like interface allows the user to move back and forth in time, and a simple navigation panel allows the user to choose any viewpoint in 3-space to see the storm. For further instructions on how to use Crossbow, please consult that section in the user manual.

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