TREMBLE user manual

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5 Recording a Storm

The TREMBLE system records lightning according to a schedule you set with StormTracker. StormTracker functions much like the timer function on a VCR; you can set TREMBLE to record all lightning "shows" during a specified time. You can also view the current recording schedule. To use StormTracker, open the StormTracker.html file (wherever you installed it during setup) using your favorite web browser.

StormTracker w/ current schedule
Figure 5. StormTracker with listing of current recording schedule.

The current schedule lists the date, start time, and end time for each recording session. You cannot schedule two recording events at the same time, but you can schedule recording back-to-back recording sessions (e.g. a session ending at 9:00p and a second session that starts at 9:00p).

To schedule a new recording session, simply choose a valid date using the three drop boxes for month, day, and year. Choose a start time by selecting an hour from the "Start Time" drop box; in the same way, choose a stop time from the "Stop Time" drop box. If the time you chose is valid, it will appear in the schedule when the page is reloaded.

StormTracker while adding schedule
Figure 6. View of StormTracker as someone is adding a time to the schedule.

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