TREMBLE user manual

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7 Troubleshooting

The TREMBLE Recording Web Page reports that the sound recording station is offline 1. (If you are on the department network) Double click on Network Neighborhood. Check if you can see THUNDERPC-CS. If you can not see THUNDERPC-CS, then either:

a) the network is down or

b) THUNDERPC-CS has either hung up or for some reason is not on the network.

1a. Contact facilities and confirm there is a network problem. If there isnít proceed to 1b.

1b. Physically reset THUNDERPC-CS (Rm. 342) and rerun the TREMBLE server. If you still canít see it on the network, contact facilities.

2. The TERMBLE server is not running 2. Start up VNS. Connect to THUNDERPC-CS:0 and double click on the TREMBLE server.
The TREMBLE Recording Web Page reports the sound recording station has an error. 1. The microphones are not returning a signal


1a. Check the connection of the microphones into the back of the MIDIMan soundcard

b. Check the connection to the preamps (on the roof)

c. Check the connection from the preamps to the mics

d. Make sure there is power to the preamps and mics

2. Some other computer problem 2. Check whether there is enough available diskspace (at least 50 MB)

The analysis module returns an error Error 1: [filename] is not a valid WAV file


1. If [filename] was created by the recording program, then please contact Technical support.


Error 2: Signals have too low S/N Ratio 2. Check connections to the microphones, and especially the weatherproofing around the mics. The rain might be causing too much noise in the signal. Also check if there is some device that might be corrupting the sounds signal.
Error 3: Could not reconstruct lightning 3. The algorithm could not construct lightning information with high enough confidence. This could be caused by weather anomalies, interference, and/or poor recording conditions (ex. high winds, multiple close together lightning strikes, etc)
The visualization application does not run You are not running it on an SGI Log in to coons, evans, or any SGI machine and run it there.
Canít find storm files 1. Analysis program not executed 1. Check the storm log to see if any problems arose
2. Wrong directory 2. To find out which directory the storm files are saved in, you can check the log. It should be obvious by the name of the folder.
Returns an error Error 1: During a real-time viewing, connection to analysis program was lost 1a. Check network connection

1b. Check the status of THUNDERPC-CS

Error 2: I donít see anything in the Head Mounted Display (HMD) 2. Make sure the output of the console you are on is being piped into the HMD. Make sure the HMD is plugged in correctly

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