Module Edge


This a class used to store edges in the tree. It consists of two WebPages and some other variables.


There is a lot of get and set functions here. They get variables and set them. The only different is sameEdge that compares the Edge to another one based on the names of the WebPages in the edge.

public Edge()

This is the constructor for the class, It only initiates some variables.

public Demo.WebPage getStartPage()

public void setStartPage(Demo.WebPage newStartPage)

public void setEndPage(Demo.WebPage newEndPage)

public void setSize(int newSize)

public int getSize()

public void setFirstEdge(boolean newFirstEdge)

public boolean isFirstEdge()

public void setBaseEdge(boolean newBaseEdge)

public boolean isBaseEdge()

public boolean sameEdge(String startPage2, String endPage2)