Module WebPage


This is a class that describes the WebPage.


All of these functions has one of two meanings. Either it sets, starts with the prefix set ,a variable in the WebPage object or it returns it, starts with the prefix get.

public void setMostUsedPrevPage(Demo.WebPage newMostUsedPrevPage)

public Demo.WebPage getMostUsedPrevPage()

public void setMostUsedNextPage(Demo.WebPage newMostUsedNextPage)

public Demo.WebPage getMostUsedNextPage()

public void setTimeSpent(int newTimeSpent)

public int getTimeSpent()

public void setXPos(int newXPos)

public int getXPos()

public void setYPos(int newYPos)

public int getYPos()

public void setPlotted(boolean newPlotted)

public boolean isPlotted()

public void setCurrentColor(int newCurrentColor)

public int getCurrentColor()

public void setName(String newName)

public String getName()

public void setDegrees(int degree, int num)

public int[] getDegrees()

public void setTotHits(int newTotHits)

public int getTotHits()