Web Tracer Contract

Client: David Hopp

Team: Clifton Barnett, Cherie Hipps, Jens Persson, Robin Linehan


General Description of Web Tracer

The goal of this project is to create a program, using Java and Perl, that will analyze web server logs to produce various information in a way that makes it possible for the site manager to make the site better.

The project was initiated by David Hopp and David Stotts. The idea was to produce a program that was able to supply the site manager with more information then the usual hit counts, etc. The piece of information most interesting is WHAT the visitor doe s when he/she visits the site.

The idea is to use Perl to parse the server logs into some sort of datastructure and then use Java to generate the visual display of the site. The program presents the site as a diagram with nodes, pages, and edges, transitions between pages, in 2 or 3 dimensions.

The information available in sever logs are remote host (userís IP ), date, request ( HTTP ), status and size of the document.


Clifton Barnett, Cherie Hipps, Jens Persson and Robin Linehan shall hereafter be collectively referred as the contractor. The contractor agrees to provide the client with software that meets the requirements listed under Primary Team Obligat ions.

In addition to the software the contractor agrees to provide the client with adequate documentation. The documentation will be in hardcopy and on-line.

If the project with the previous listed requirements should be finished before the due date, May 8 1999, the contractor will develop a software with additional functions as outlined under Secondary Team Obligations.

Primary Team Obligations

Secondary Team Obligations

The team may, at their discretion, extend the software to include some or all of the following secondary requirements.

Resources Required

These are the resources required by the team to complete the software. Any lack of these resources will cause the primary and secondary requirements not to be completed.

Web logs

Perl Software

Java Software


The following risks, none very likely, may affect the success of the software:


We sign with the understanding that this is a preliminary contract, and this contract may be changed with

the agreement of both the client and the team.


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