Weekly Report 1:

-week ending February 7, 1999

Monday, February 1

Our regular weekly meeting in the afternoon was used to discuss our schedules and timesheets. We discussed and agreed on the layout and contents of the Work Breakdown, Pert, and Gantt charts. Cherie volunteered to put together the first two and Robin the third. Jens and Clifton shared their ideas on the web log analysis and we briefly discussed ideas for the User Manual. Everyone continues to learn (or brush up on) Perl, Java and HTML.

Cherie had the Work breakdown and Pert charts on the web by later that night for the rest of the team to review.

Tuesday, February 2

Our team met briefly after class to discuss schedule progress and give opinions on the Gantt chart before it was added to the web page. All agreed to a meeting to discuss the User Manual on Friday afternoon. We’re still awaiting word on the fi rst draft of our contract.

Wednesday, February 3

No team meeting today. Jens forwarded email from our client, David Hopp, with some added suggestions for the contract. Robin added the Gantt chart to the web page.

Thursday, February 4

Email was received by Professor Stotts informing us that there would not be any regularly scheduled boss meetings and gave us the deadline for the first weekly report.

Friday, February 5

The first draft of our contract was picked up with the changes requested by Professor Stotts. Jens agreed to make the alterations and incorporate our client’s suggestions by our regular Monday meeting. We briefly discussed the weekly report and then turned our focus to the User Manual. We decided on the general format to be used and agreed on what should be included. We then divided the task of writing the opening sections among all team members. These individual sections will be discussed at our Monday meeting. We also brainstormed on possible ideas for the GUI interface and discussed the feasibility of each.



We’re right on schedule so far. Although we are still in the planning and learning phase of our project, we are getting a lot accomplished. The coming week will be dedicated to developing our User Manual and working on the project design. On an indi vidual basis we are continuing to work on our language skills in preparation for the development of our Web Tracer.



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Written 2/7/99 by linehan