Weekly Report 10:

-week ending April 11, 1999

Monday, April 5

Our meeting today was cancelled.

Tuesday, April 6

We met after class to discuss our demo at 4:45 and then went up to see Professor Stotts. Jens showed him an early version of our final GUI and Clifton asked about running Perl on NT. We agreed to meet him for our next demo at 5:00 since Cherie couldn't make it due to a class conflict.

Wednesday, April 7

No team meeting today.

Thursday, April 8

Class cancelled today and Technical Manual due. Ours isn't quite finished due to the project not being finished. We'll continue to update it as we finish all the classes. Brief meeting after class to discuss progress.



Our project is starting to look almost finished. We have a GUI capable of showing the most common paths and Perl Code that both analyzes edge structure and summarizes page information. Everyone is spending more time working and we are confident that we'll have a working product in a couple of weeks time.



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