Weekly Report 11:

-week ending April 18, 1999

Monday, April 12

Cherie added module cohesion information and informal module specifications to the online Technical Manual.

Tuesday, April 13

Guest lecturer today. We discussed our next demo with Professor Stotts and he said we only had to meet with him one more time. Jens already had a demo showing all the paths of the target website but we're going to hold off until we have everything pretty much finalized.

Wednesday, April 14

No team meeting today.

Thursday, April 15

Another guest lecturer today. Quick status session after class to discuss our final demo and presentation to the class which will have to be ready by next Thursday.

Sunday, April 18

Email communication to make sure that everyone sets aside a large block of time on Monday for our meeting. We need to make sure we are ready to be the first group chosen for our presentation.



Crunch time is here. We aren't sure if we'll have a final version in time for next Thurday's presentations, but we should be close. All code is on the web for easy viewing and alterations.



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