Weekly Report 12:

-week ending April 25, 1999

Monday, April 19

Our regular weekly meeting was extremely productive this week. Clifton solved a nagging problem in one of sections in the Perl code, and Robin put together a Power Point slide for the presentation. Cherie added some more specifics to the Technical Manual and Jens and Clifton ironed out some of the necessary code interactions. Jens also realized that he won't be in town on Thursday and emailed Professor Stotts about missing class. Hopefully we'll be able to do our presentation next week so that we're all here. We plan to have a special meeting Wednesday to finalize everything.

Tuesday, April 20

Class today was brief. Professor Stotts asked for volunteers to do their presentations Thursday and we went and talked to him about Jens being out of town. After class he sent out email informing us that 3 teams did volunteer.

Wednesday, April 21

Team meeting today. We needed to finish up everything today since Jens will be leaving mid-day tomorrow. Unfortunately the Demo isn't quite finished so we had to set up a meeting for Monday night after Jens gets in and Clifton gets off work. We also plan to meet at our regular afternoon time to discuss the final report and some more details of the technical manual.

Thursday, April 22

The first day of Final presentations in class.



Everything is coming together well. Slight problems have been solved but there are still a number of bugs to work out. We still plan on having a finished product at the end of next week but it may not be able to do everything we initially wanted it to.



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