Weekly Report 13:

-week ending May 2, 1999

Monday, April 26

Cherie and Robin met at the regular meeting time to work on web requirements. We got everything as updated as possible so far. We still want to add more details to the manuals as things change with the Webtracer. After Jens got back late, he and Clifton met to work on the Demo and put the finishing touches on the code.

Tuesday, April 27

We all met before class. The plan was to do the demo through a Unix connection since we didn't want the whole thing installed on the class computer. Since we were the last team chosen for our demo, and had a limited amount of time, Jens made the connection to the demo (with only a couple of problems). Robin did the intro, Cherie was going to do the demo but then it didn't work quite like it was supposed to, so Jens did it, and then Clifton talked about the code.

Wednesday, April 28

Team meeting today. We worked on our final report and some more bugs in the project. We're still planning on another Demo for Professor Stotts, but we want to make sure everything is working well first. We also discussed when to present the project to our client, Dr. Hopp, and came to the conclusion that next week is the optimal time.

Thursday, April 29

The last day of Final presentations in class. Professor Stotts also gave us updated information about when everything is due and how to turn it all in. Clifton and Jens met later to work on the code interaction some more. We decided to do our last demo tomorrow.

Friday, April 30

Due to some miscommunication, we didn't set up a time with Professor Stotts so Cherie and Robin went to see him. He said that we could do it anytime next week. We've decided tentatively that Monday at 3:30 will be a good time. Everyone met to work on final bugs, web requirements, and final report.

Sunday, May 2

Last minute revisions and printing out of information to go in the folders. We made the product downloadable from the web and put it on disk for our client. We are also providing Perl and Java on disk in case he doesn't have them on his computer.



Everything is working! We spent alot of time updating all of our material on the web: schedule, manuals, reports. We have all made the effort to finish everything up and make this project a success.



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