Weekly Report 2:

-week ending February 14, 1999

Monday, February 8

Our weekly Monday afternoon meeting was used to discuss our plans for the group's user manual. Everyone was still working on their parts of the user manual assigned at the Friday, February 5 meeting. We agreed to have the completed user manual by our next Monday meeting. We also decided to have each member of the group bring printed examlpes of fonts to use on our web pages to class Thursday. Everyone continues to learn (or brush up on) Perl, Java and HTML.

Jens placed a revised copy of the contract on the web today.

Tuesday, February 9

No team meeting today. Robin forwarded emails from Professor Stotts. The emails had sugggestions about how to improve the Gantt Chart, Work-Break Chart and the Schedule.

Wednesday, February 10

No team meeting today or correspondences.

Thursday, February 11

The team met for approximately thirty minutes after a shortened COMP 145 class. The team went over the examples of fonts brought in by the members. Everyone agreed to use the fonts they liked on the web pages they create and a decission will be made later about the fonts to be used on the completed web pages. We also discussed the emails forwarded from Robin. Cherie agreed to fix the Work-break Down Chart by adding the line to connect the implementation to the rest of the project. Robin agreed to add names and corresponding colors to the specific tasks on the Gant Chart. The group decided to plan to spend a few hours at the Monday group meeting working on our user manual and GUI.



We are working on the project design. On an individual basis we are continuing to work on our language skills in preparation for the development of our Web Tracer and adding information to the User Manual.



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Written 2/7/99 by hipps