Weekly Report 3:

-week ending February 21, 1999

Monday, February 15

Our weekly Monday afternoon meeting was moved to Tuesday because Clifton was sick.  However, Robin, Cherie, and Jens worked on the user manual, working on the individual tasks assigned by the group.  Everyone continues to learn (or brush up on) Perl, Java and HTML.

Tuesday, February 16

No team meeting today.  It was decided that until more of the individual tasks were completed, there was nothing for the team to discuss.  Clifton and Robin continued the design phase of the Perl coding.  Jens and Cherie continued the design phase of the GUI.

Wednesday, February 17

Team members finished their assigned sections of the user manual.  Cherie and Clifton tinkered with the color scheme of various pages on the team web-site.  Robin added names and corresponding colors to the specific tasks on the Gant Chart.  Jens recieved correspondence from the client with final approval on the contract and forwarded it to the team.

Thursday, February 18

Cherie fixed the Work-break Down Chart by adding the line to connect the implementation to the rest of the project.  In a brief meeting after class, various backgrounds were discussed.  Clifton agreed to create a test file to "show off" any background gifs team members found and wanted to try.

Sunday, February 21

Clifton created test.htm, for the private use of team members only.  It was decided not to put a link to the page from the home-page, since this has no direct bearing on the project.


We are working on the project design. On an individual basis we are continuing to work on our language skills in preparation for the development of our Web Tracer.  The actual coding of some modules has begun.  The User Manual is, of course, still in progress..

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Written 2/7/99 by barnett