Weekly Report 4:

-week ending February 28, 1999

Monday, February 22

Our regular weekly meeting in the afternoon was used to revamp the web page and discuss our design and coding.

Tuesday, February 23

No team meeting today. Jens forwarded mail from our client, David Hopp, approving the final draft of our contract and suggesting meetings on a regular basis to discuss our progress.

Wednesday, February 24

No team meeting today. Jens added some screen dumps for the Midterm Presentation (and possibly the User Manual) to the web files. Not yet linked to the home page.

Thursday, February 25

We met with Professor Stotts during regular class time to discuss our progress. We also met as a team and decided on a time when we could meet with our client before Spring Break to show him our Midterm Presentation and discuss our progress. Clifton agreed to email him concerning our availablilty. Monday's team meeting will be devoted to finalizing the presentation.

Friday, February 26

Hopp agreed to a meeting on Tuesday, March 2, at 2:15, via email.

Saturday, February 27

Clifton and Robin met to work on Perl coding. The web page links were changed per Stotts' suggestion.

Sunday, February 28

Jens and Cherie made some progress on the Java coding.



We're making progress on the coding in both Perl and Java, but we're a little behind schedule. While we had hoped to have the Perl code finished and tested before break, it now looks like it will take a little longer.



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