Weekly Report 5:

-week ending March 7, 1999

Monday, March 1

Our regular weekly meeting this week was used to prepare for our midterm presentation. Jens set up some Power Point slides and Clifton agreed to do the presentation on Thursday. Cherie and Jens continued work on the GUI while Clifton and Robin worked on the Perl code.

Tuesday, March 2

Class cancelled today. We met with our client David Hopp at Cato Research during our regularly scheduled class time. We brought him up to date on our progress and clarified a few points in our planned implementation.

Wednesday, March 3

No team meeting today.

Thursday, March 4

The first day of Midterm presentations in class. To our delight, Webtracer was the first team drawn to present. Time sheets were turned in at the end of class.

Friday, March 5

Start of spring break.



We're slightly behind schedule but working to catch up. The Perl coding is not yet finished but the interaction between the two sections has been finalized.



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