Weekly Report 7:

-week ending March 21, 1999

Monday, March 15

Our regular weekly meeting this week was cancelled by consensus since everyone is working on their own. Cherie is continuing her search for a free web spider as well as working on the Java code with Jens. Clifton and Robin are working on the Perl code and determining the possible changes necessary to work on Windows instead of UNIX.

Tuesday, March 16

The rest of the Midterm presentations were done in class today.

Wednesday, March 17

No team meeting today.

Thursday, March 18

Clifton has discovered that it won't be as simple as we thought to make the project accessible through all Windows platforms. Will contact Hopp to ask his preference.



It was a quiet week in recovery from our week off. Everything is running pretty smoothly--so far there haven't been any major problems. We're behind our original schedule but we're confidant that we'll finish on time.



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