Design Analysis

Intramodule Cohesion The modules within the Java Servlet have Sequential Cohesion. By definition, a sequentially cohesive module is one whose functions are related such that output data from one function serves as input data to the next function. For more specific details regarding these modules, please refer to the Module Specifications section of the Technical Manual.

Intermodule Coupling The majority of the modules within the Java Servlet have Data Coupling. By definition, two modules are data coupled if they communicate by passing parameters.

More specifically, the following modules are Data Coupled, because the results from the first module are taken as input into the second module:
(a) FSmain and FSrequest
(b) FSconnection and FSmain
(c) FSconnection and FSqueryString
(d) FSconnection and FSrequest (through FSmain)

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USES Relationship The USES Diagram represents the order in which modules need to be created. In our case, FSmain uses FSconnection and FSrequest. In addition, FSconnection uses FSrequest. Finally, FSrequest uses FSqueryString.
USES Diagram

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