Implementation Manual Introduction

About This Manual This manual is intended to aid any individual involved in adding functionality to and/or maintaining this project in the future. For more details on the use of the 5 Star Recommendations website, please see the User Manual.

Project Overview
The Computer Science Department at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has a Computer Science Student Association (CSSA). Among its many responsibilites, this organization provides a local business recommendations service to its members and the University. Users may visit the current CSSA Recommendations Web Site ( and submit, via email, their recommendations and comments for businesses in the Triangle area. This project aims to enhance this recommendation service by developing a web database system. Instead of submitting text emails, users will be able to visit the 5 Star Web Pages and interactively search and add recommendations to the database. In addition to adding recommendations and comments, users will provide a rating for each business they comment upon. These ratings will be displayed with the business information, which will allow browsers to better make a decision regarding a specific business.

Implementation Details: The web interface is a set of forms and HTML pages. The database is MySQL. Java Servlets and JDBC are used to connect the forms to the database.

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