Add a New Business

Getting Started The Add a New Business page is where you can enter a new business on the 5 Star Site.

This help page has the following sections to help you add a new business:

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When to Use the Add A New Business Option Add a New Business should only be used if the business you wish to add does not exist on the 5 Star site.  If the business you wish to add already exists on the 5 Star site, you should Add a New Recommendation. 

It is recommended that you perform a Search to ensure that the business has not been previously added before adding the New Business information.
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How to Get to the Add A New Business Page At the top and bottom of all pages in the 5Star site are links to the Add a New Business page.

The Add a New Business Link
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How to Enter a New Business When you get to the Add a New Business page, you are required to fill in all the mandatory fields.  These fields include: Business Name, Business Type, Subcategory, City, and State.  All other fields are optional and are marked with red asterisks (*).

When a value is chosen in the Business Type drop-down box, the Subcategory drop-down box will show all Subcategories available for the Business Type that you have chosen.  A Business Type must be chosen before a Subcategory can be chosen.

When all mandatory fields and all desired optional fields are filled in, click the "Submit" button.  The new business' information will then be added to the 5 Star database and you will be brought to the new business' results page. Once here you may Add a New Recommendation or continue Browsing the site.

The Add a New Business Page
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Walk Through This section is an example of Adding a New Business.  Note:This is just an example, and the sample results and pictures may not accurately reflect what you will get if you follow the same steps on the actual page. 

You want to add the business "Al's Ferraris."  From the Home Page, perform a Search to see if the business "Al's Ferraris" has been previously added.  If the business is found, you can access the Add a New Recommendation page which would allow you to add a new rating and new comments about the business.  If the business is not found, you can click on Add a New Business at the top or bottom of the page. You will then be taken to the Add a New Business page.

Search for "Al's Ferraris"

Type "Al's Ferraris" in the Business Name field.
Choose "Auto" from the Business Type drop-down box.
Choose "Dealers" from the Subcategory drop-down box.
Type "536 Franklin Street" in the Street Address field.
Type "Chapel Hill" in the City field.
Type "27514" in the Zip Code field.
Type "567-7890" in the Phone Number field.
Type "" in the Web Page field.
Click submit.

Adding "Al's Ferraris"

The page displaying the new information for "Al's Ferraris" will appear.

The New "Al's Ferraris" Page
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