User Manual
Planning Stages

The User Manual will contain the following sections:
Legal Terms (regarding opinions -- to come at a later date)
Table of Contents
What the Manual is About
Detailed Descriptions of:
* Navigating the Home Page (Genie)
* Detailed/Advanced Searching (Nolan)
* Inputing New Business Entries (Rebecca)
* Adding Comments to Existing Business Entries (Ruby)
* How to Interpret the Search Results (Steven)
Glossary of Terms (?)

The Web Page Style Guide
Background -- White
Banner -- Carolina Blue-ish
Text Font -- Arial
Text Color -- Black
Link Color -- Blue
Hover Color -- Red, Non-underlined
Visited Link Color -- Navy blue

Menu bar at top with same options throughout
Text menu at bottom
Standard buttons (Submit, Cancel, etc)

23 Feb 2000