START:   This button starts the animation initially.  If the animation is suspended using the "SUSPEND" BUTTON the start button sets it in motion again.  If the animation is already running pressing start does nothing.

RESTART:    This button ends the animation in progress and restarts the animation from the beginning.  The new animation uses the same input values as the original animation.

SUSPEND:    This button suspends the animation in progress.  If no animation is running pressing suspend does nothing.

STEP:    This button alters the animation so that the next logical step in the algorithm is animated followed by an automatic stop.  Repeated use of the step button allows an explicit walk through of the algorithm.

SPEED CONTROL:    This slide bar and text field control the speed of the animation.  The value in the text field correlates to the position of the slide bar.  The speed is slowest when the bar is at the far left and the number in the text field approaches zero.  When changing the speed using the text field enter the desired speed (between 0 and 20) and press enter.

EXIT:    This button closes the control panel and display window.

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John Hurlbutt