GENERAL:    There are two text fields which are common to all of the graphing algorithm's display.  There is a message field which displays the description of the algorithm as it is being animated.  This feature is especially useful when using step mode.  The second is the mode field which displays the state of the algorithm. (i.e. running, suspended, step)

COUNTING SORT:    This algorithm only has the general text fields.  Since this sort uses three arrays, it is displayed differently from the other sorts.  This sort has a graphical representation of the three arrays, as opposed to bars representing different numbers.  Here is what it should look like:

OTHER SORTS:    All of the other sorts have the general text fields, as well as a field which keeps displays the number of copies to that point.  Note that a swap is actually 3 copies - a copy to temp, a copy to one element of the array, and a copy to the other element of the array.  All of the sorts besides counting should look something like this:



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