4/24/00 - 4/30/00


Monday, 4/24 We met with Dr. Lin to discuss our progress and how to deliver the product.  She was very pleased with the outcome.  We decided to give the web pages, source code, and manuals to her on a zip disk.
Wednesday, 4/26 We met to prepare for the in class presentations to be given possibly on Thursday.
Thursday, 4/27 We met to finalize our preparation for the presentation.

We are behind the schedule we made.  Now, looking at the schedule, our finish date seems to be too early.  It does not need to be completed for the client until next week.  We made the schedule thinking that the entire project had to be complete by the time of presentations.  The primary objectives are nearly finished, and many of the secondary objectives are completed as well.  We are on where we should be at this point.