Revised Contract (2/22/2000):

Project Summary

This project will create a tool that assists in the recording of audio tracks for the department's videos. The input will be a script containing the segments to be read by the voice talent. In its primary form, the tool will record audio independently of the corresponding video. It may be extended to allow recording audio while the video is playing. The output of the tool is a collection of WAV files labeled appropriately as to correspond with each segment. A working version of this product should be available no later than May 5, 2000.

Primary Requirements

Secondary Requirements





Voice-Over EZ Project Team:

      Chris Dwyer _____________________________

      Jaime Jackson _____________________________

      Chris McCue _____________________________

      Eric Seitlin _____________________________

      Alicia Tribble _____________________________

      Matt Waibel _____________________________


      Anselmo Lastra _____________________________