Meeting: Saturday, Feb 12, 2000

I. Dwyer demos the current windows. We plan to have a technical briefing on the MFC in the near future. Issues included word wrapping on the Segment View window, Layout of the Clip View list, and Size of the Audio View. Decided to disallow editing of the script in Segment View in preliminary version, but to consider it an important secondary goal. We also revised the current window layout to give the Clip View a a larger text-display area.

II. Creation of Work Breakdown Chart. We went into a significant amount of detail on the chart in order to give ourselves a better feeling for how long each task would take.

III. Administrativa. Group meetings will continue to be held on Tuesdays at 6pm. and Saturdays at 1pm. Chris McCue will be absent from our meeting on Tuesday.
Agenda for Tuesday, Feb 15: -revise contract with suggestions from Stotts. -create hard copy of schedule -start on pert chart
Agenda for Saturday, Feb 19 -assign individual coding duties, -write user manual.